Find Your Fit with a Dietician

June 6, 2018

Ok so I'm just going to put it out there. Have you ever started a diet because Karen from work lost weight on it? Or maybe you changed things up because the latest mag cover is spruiking all about how a Kardashian dropped 10 kilos in 10 days? Or maybe you just thought you'd scroll through the 'Gram under the hashtag #weightloss and see what it yielded! If you need to know're not alone. But what if you could get the real deal, the skinny, the whole kit and caboodle straight from the horses mouth...geez enough with the pilthy puns woman!!  What I'm trying to say is, have you ever considered seeing a Dietician?


If your first response to that is WHY? Well you're probably reading the wrong blog, as you sure as heck must have it all together haha! But if you're thinking YES, then let me introduce you to Jess.


I recently met Jess after hearing from several of my gym going clan about their wonderful success with her. And before you ask, no she is not performing any miraculous weightloss feats with the simple wave of a wand! But rather, like any good Dietician, Jess is in the business of providing education, guidance, accountability and with that the inevitable goal of a healthier, lighter more fabulous you...if that's what your after.


So with that fairly squared away, I'm going to shed some light on what you can expect when you see a Dietician.


My first appointment with Jess, who owns her own business called Slimweigh, was at her Essendon based room and after the usual pleasantries, we got down to business.


What are my goals? What do I normally eat in a day?  How much do I work out? I rabbited on with my answers as Jess quickly scribed notes.

After collecting the lip service from me, it was time for the actual numbers to do the talking and I braced myself for the harsh reality of the scale. Never one to be my friend thanks largely to my god given bone density and propensity for big ol' muscle gains coupled with my trusty Botticelli inspired, Endomorph body type. But hey...this girl is built to survive a famine you know!!


I removed my shoes and socks and gingerly stepped on to the Body Scan Machine, so as not to frighten it you know. The Body Scanner was like a very fancy scale, complete with a handle. The  little computer screen showed it was taking readings of my torso, arms and legs etc.


Once complete it revealed all matter of facts such as my body fat percentage, muscle mass, water content, metabolic age etc etc...all rather sobering figures if you ask me.


We then went all old school with Jess taking measurements of my neck, chest, waist, hips, thigh, arm and calf.


Results in hand, Jess was now armed with all the information and could prime me for a full blown nutritional attack. From the data she collected, she could give me a real world idea of how much I should be eating (and get's more than you think), how many types of food I can consume and when I should consume them.


I left after my first session with a renewed idea of nutrition and how I could better fuel my body...oh and definite desire to see those numbers shift!!


So what happened next...?


Well, I ate the foods...all the wonderful, colourful, fabulous, nutritious foods. In fact it was more food than I had eaten in a while and my body was loving it. I was drinking lots of water and my body was loving that too!  Oh and it wasn't complicated, believe me, my life just doesn't have time for complicated. To be honest, I practically ate the same thing every day for breakfast, lunch and both my snacks. Dinners would vary but all essentially involved meat and veg. A Masterchef I am not. A busy Mama I am. So none of my meals were really 'Insta' worthy but that didn't mean my body wasn't loving them silly!!


After about a week, I returned to Jess who immediately told me she thought I looked great! Bless her. We talked about my week, went over more tips and ideas for eating out and how to work out meals on the run...and then the numbers. The good news is that there was movement at the station and in my first week I had already shed around 15cm from my body!


We are off to good start!!

Want to know if you can Find Your Fit with a Dietician?


Here's my five speedy takeaways from my time with Jess from Slimweigh...


1. Ask questions. Your Dietician should be a wonderful resource of information, so ask them all the questions you need to in order to have a great understanding of how to properly fuel your body to meet your goals.


2. Don't get overwhelmed. The whole point of seeing a Dietician is to try and clear the slate of noisy food advice and just focus on one clear and concise message.

3. Make this fit into your life. Talk to your Dietician about the kind of meal plan that suits you. Are you happy to eat similar things each day or do you want variety? All this can be achieved depending on your requirements.


4. Is it expensive? If you are wondering what your health is worth...then the answer is a flat out no. No, there is no price on health. But in real world terms, you get what you pay for. If you want a dedicated person on hand to guide you and educate you with the tools to make permanent lifestyle changes perfectly suited to your needs and goals then this is your path. If you want to drop some coin on a faceless online program for the masses...well that is your choice also.


5. Consistency is key. Don't expect to drop three dress sizes in the first week. Seeing a Dietician is about giving you the knowledge to make long term and achievable changes. Not a magic pill!

So how do you contact Jess?


You can check her out on Instagram and Facebook or email her at and guess what...just for being a lovely reader of my blog, you can arrange to see Jess by using my very special discount code. Simply email Jess at and mention the code  'slimweighresults'  for 15% off your initial consult   






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