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September 5, 2017

For me, finding my fit again has been a long and sometimes challenging journey. Having come from the seriously overweight world all those years ago, to then turning into a super fit gal, only to have a baby and feel like I was starting all over again…I’m exhausted just thinking about it but if you want to know more check out a more in depth post here.


Well it’s been just over a year since I had Indie and I jumped back on the fitness bandwagon, desperate to feel empowered, strong, and healthy again.


I went from home based HIIT, endless pram walking, that one pump class (soooo not for me), Pilates (yeah that was way harder than it looks) and then returning to my hand on heart true love, CrossFit. I was finally reaching a point where I felt…wait for it…that I have FOUND MY FIT!


Now I want to continue to help other women, especially mums find their fit too. But maybe not in the same way that I have, so I’m setting off on a journey to road test fitness.


All fitness.


And I’m kick starting with the latest phenomenon to hit the fitness scene…F45!


You would have to have been living under a rock, or at the very least not checking Instagram very often if you haven’t heard of F45. It’s continually splashed across my feed in what is nothing short of pure marketing genius. I mean nothing says results (delicately sprinkled with a little FOMO) like an endless array of celebrities, ex-footy stars or Insta famous hotties posing in front of a branded wall after sweating up a storm.


You know the wall...this one right here...



Unbelievably simple in its design, the concept involves a whole bunch of people doing an array of pre-determined workouts that draw on functional movement (that’s the F part) structured around a training circuit lasting 45 minutes (that would be the 45). With classes cleverly named not to sound scary, yet give participants a bit of an idea of what they can expect. There’s something to suit and/or challenge everyone.


Never one to want to miss out, F45 has been on my list of things to try for a while now. But what was stopping me taking up their one-week free trial? Well, to tell you the truth I was half intimidated about working out with the seriously hawt people of the world (as seen on the socials) and the other half was concerned I wouldn’t actually make it through a 45-minute class (my cardio is not my thang)!


But today I popped my cherry and I’m still here to talk about it, so clearly, not only did I survive, but I’m all booked in for the rest of the week too!


Arriving around 15 minutes early to F45 Maribyrnong, I tentatively slid in the door where I was immediately clocked as a ‘newbie’, was it that obvious? The very friendly and informative trainer, Bevan, welcomed me in and took me through a series of clear and simple TV screens demonstrating the movements, it all seemed pretty straight forward.


Along with 5 or 6 other people I waited nervously for the rest of the class to arrive. And arrive they did, with just two minutes remaining the front door blew open with an array of age and gender active wear clad new arrivals and the class kicked off complete with around 35 people!!


One girl headed my way and she must have recognised the apprehension plastered across my face, as she quickly mentioned that it was her first time, “Mine too..We’re Best Friends!!” Now bonded for life we set off to our starting position saying we would get through this together!


Taking in the crowd, I honestly can’t remember working out in a group this big. Funnily enough though, once we got started, it didn’t feel crowded. We all had a spot to be in and everyone rotated so dutifully, as per the instruction on the screens. It was really an impressive scene. 


Athelitca was the class today and it involved working on three movements per station, we repeated them four times each with just one-minute break between stations for a quick drink. A quick glance to the several screens reminded you of the movement you needed to do and the time remaining.



The exercises were challenging but not enough to make me think I couldn’t do them over and over. In true HIIT style, you really need to know your limits and push to them in order to get the best possible result.



When it all came to an end there was a big round of sweaty high fives and an almost immediate max exodus leaving me there wondering if I’ve earnt my photo in front of the wall moment?


No. Not yet Prue. Not yet.


Check back in with me at the end of the week for my full review on my F45 Experience at F45 Training Maribyrnong.


You can follow the F45 Training Maribyrnong team on Instagram too, just click here

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