Is Chickick Fitness for You?

March 4, 2018

It's no secret that if there's pink involved, I'll be there! So of course the minute I spotted Chickick Fitness and all its pink prettiness...I was in! But the real excitement factor was when I learned that Chickick Fitness actually includes footy inspired training techniques as part of its small group training.  So, in the spirit and excitement of the emerging women's AFL, I was keen to see what they had to offer.


I went along to the picturesque Ramsden Reserve, tucked deep within the gorgeous urban hub of Clifton Hill to attend the Chickick Fitness Summer Program. I immediately knew I was in the right place when I spotted the array of pink Sherrins!


Jumping out of the car, I was greeted by Troy (aka the owner and head trainer). Sporting a welcoming grin, Troy took me through a general idea of what I could expect and as the class rolled in, was happily introducing me to all the participants. What a lovely bunch they were too! Super friendly and welcoming with a hilarious dose of cheekiness...usually directed squarely at Troy. Who took it all in his stride!


We started with a friendly kick to kick where many of the class warned me about Troy's method of programming "sneaky running" and it wasn't long before we launched right into it and I got to experience it for myself!  After skipping and doing push ups, we moved into a footy based handball/kicking/running drill, enter the sneaky running part! 


What any avid reader of this blog would quickly tell you is that I don't really "DO" cardio, but surprisingly I did actually enjoy this drill. I was distracted with concentrating on my handballing and kicking skills while also trying (desperately) to bounce the ball while running...something that I did not master and will have revisit another day.


So it was getting pretty huffy and puffy and I'm thinking that we're only 10 minutes in...oh no! Fortunately, we wrapped up that drill...stopped for a quick drink break and moved on to some pretty awesome boxing drills. And by awesome...I mean, you know, the kind of drills where you actually wonder if you can keep on hitting the pads...or if you'd just prefer just to curl up in the foetal position and cry!!


While I negotiated with my inner brat, who just wanted to pack it in and my inner fierce warrior princess, who was eager to bash out that tricky combination. Troy kept on encouraging the group and pushing us along with time updates and motivation. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I was definitely having a ball. I mean, look at that goofy grin!!


Then we wrapped up the session with something FUN! Actually, to be honest, when Troy first presented it there was an audible groan from the group...partner planks,,,? Ughhh...planks really!! But in the end these were the best planks I've ever done. The idea was that you planked with your partner planking...ON TOP OF YOU!


Of course, the former cheerleader in me was all over this. I mean as far as I was concerned, as long as I could be on the bottom, I'd happily hold anyone up. The lovely Tegan was happy to jump on top and because we thought it would be cool, we thought we'd try for a triple layer. Troy helped with the foot positions, while I held probably the longest plank of my life, and another class member got on top. Voila! Check us out...



So, do you think you can Find Your Fit with Chickick Fitness?

Here's my five speedy takeaways from Chickick Fitness


1. What if ball skills are not my jam? No biggie. The footy drills were fun and relaxed with plenty of guidance given as to how to kick and handball. You don't need to have any previous experience with football.


2. What if I'm a complete fitness newb? The whole Chickick mantra is that they are all about making Fitness Fun...all the classes are scaleable for any level of fitness

3. Yeah well what if I can't get to Clifton Hill! That's ok, there are sessions offered also in Donvale and Templestowe. And there's more locations coming soon!


4. Do I need to wear footy boots? Nope. Normal runners will be just fine.


5. Be ready to have a bunch of fun, while working hard. It doesn't get any better than that in my book!

Chickick Fitness have an awesome website, with all the class info and FAQs, check it out right here. While you're feeling clicky, why not check out their Instagram and Facebook pages too.


Loved it Chickick Fitness!!!








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