F45 - The Week Wrap Up

September 9, 2017

If you've read my FIRST DAY post, you'll know that I've been road testing training at F45 Maribyrnong. Here's a wrap up of the rest of my ass kicking week!




Panthers was on the menu today. My body was feeling yesterday’s workout, but in a nice ‘I-worked-out-but-it-didn’t-make-me-question-life way'. The Panthers workout is described as the Royal Flush of training; a spicy combo of endurance and strength. This was more up my alley as I took in the array of weights and equipment.


We hit the ground running and jumped straight into a warm up and immediately on to the workout. My head was spinning but I managed to start somewhere in the middle of the full lap circuit and we were off. This was a ‘no breaks’ workout! That’s right folks, no breaks all the way around the circuit. I did have to double check at the half way point and make sure it was just the one lap of the circuit…which it was…phew!


Lots of sandbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells…I loved it and felt pretty comfortable doing the movements.


Good class…tick!



Oh, hello entire body! I wake up feeling sore everywhere, I love that feeling! It reminds of all my hard work and I know I’m making a difference. But it did make arriving at FIRESTORM today a little daunting. And boy was I not wrong. This class was the hardest one yet, not only does it deliver a healthy dose of strength but they throw in the battle ropes, rower, and an assortment of burpees too...just to really remind you who’s boss!


Today involved two laps of the 27-station circuit, 30 seconds on with 10 second rest. I think. To be honest, it was all a blur of fast people doing fast exercise and I was right in the thick of it. Dutifully obeying the screens and waiting to hear the ‘beep’ that would rescue me, only to move me on to the next, equally challenging station.


Be warned, if you’re a bit of a chatty Kathy, you’d be hard pressed to carry on a conversation with this style of training. It’s totally head down, bum up werrrking...and with that comes RESULTS!


I’m off now, I’ve got a hot date with a foam roller.


I wonder what’s in store tomorrow?




Well, the bod has pulled up well thanks to my excruciating rolling session yesterday. I’m keen to


see what the workout is like today and upon my arrival I was not disappointed.


Compared to yesterday, today’s session called Renegade, looks like a walk in the park. With 3 pods (that’s F45 speak) each containing 6 exercises, to be hit for 35 seconds with a 25 second rest. The plan is that we run through each pod twice before moving stations. And count it folks, we get five water breaks! Gosh I’m feeling a bit spoilt after the recent ‘no break’ and ‘barely a break’ sessions. I’m started to understand this ‘constantly varied’ concept.


Each pod challenged the whole body but I did notice the core movements were quite prevalent...ughh core is my weakest area! I did, however enjoy the strength components today, there was more isolation stuff as compared with the full compound stuff of late.


Despite the class being easier than yesterday, I still worked up a nice sweat in a quick amount of time. Last session tomorrow and I’m hitting the EARLY class…well not the early, early class, that’s at 5-wtf-30am. Rather I’ll be hauling ass to the more respectable 7am class.




First things first, I made the 7am class! Hooray!  As a self-proclaimed non morning person, this is quite a coup. Truth be told, I was actually amazed how a) I woke before my alarm and b) I practically bounded out of bed.


Arriving at the studio, the music was pumping as the 6.15am class was just finishing (round of applause to those dedicated folks). I took a quick look at their faces and thought righteo this one is hard.


Foxtrot, sounds innocent enough right! Um, no. Killer cardio and strength combo that included bikes, burpees, balls and bells plus my all time fav sled pushes…I was actually excited about them, I mean if you’re in the thick thigh tribe it’s just your god given right to be good at sled pushes!


So 12 stations were set, each one we hit 4 times for various lengths, in this case it was 45 seconds on/10 sec rest/20 seconds on/10 sec rest x 2. Oh and the no breaks thing was back today. I started somewhere around the middle after a quick assessment of the leg culling assault to movements in a row. I was not wrong, but really there is no good place to start…it was all tough and awesome at the same time. Before I knew it, I was on the last station and it was all over.


And guess what…I finally earned my obligatory sweaty wall photo!!





If F45 is something you’ve scrolled over on the socials and wondered; hmmm could I do this? The answer is a resounding YES!


Sure, F45 has got a clear brand message that is youthful and full of exuberance but don’t forget these are also uniquely owned franchises. Family businesses run by good, fitness loving folks just hanging to deliver you a quality workout. No matter your fitness level, there’s no denying if you want to work up a bloody good sweat, you can find it here.


Check out F45 Training Maribyrnong and take advantage of their FREE 7 Day Trial.


Stay tuned for more fitness road testing coming soon.


Thanks for reading x

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