A 'Diet' Book to Free You from all 'Diet' Books

March 12, 2018

If you, like 99% of the free world, have ever been frustrated by the sheer amount of diet advice out there. You need to read this book.


If you've fallen victim to a pumped up PT's Bro Science approach to dropping unwanted kgs. You need to read this book.


If you have tried (and failed) the juice diet that your cousin Jane promised worked for her. You need to read this book.


Hell, if you just want to cut out all the noise and absorb some real world information about your nutrition...well you guessed it...you need to read this book.


What is this book... I hear you ask.


Well it's a gorgeous little read called, How to be Thin in a World of Chocolate. Brought to us by Michele Connolly, a self proclaimed sharer of micro-epiphanies and embracer of personal weirdness. But also a qualified Psychologist and bona fide Life Coach, blogger and now author....Michele delivers on a platter her simple 'secrets' to tackling the noisy world of dieting and weight loss....oh and did I mention there's chocolate!!


Promoted as the anti-fad, anti-misery guide to losing weight, it's one of those books where you find yourself nodding along with her witty, real life banter about the why's and how's behind our modern take on dieting and losing weight.


As a PT who specialises in training women. I've had many a conversation about the challenges of dieting. Ughhh I can't even stand using that word, but it's in our every day vernacular, so I'll let it slide for now. But the whole point is that when you say diet, people think of cabbage soup or steamed broccoli and chicken (not that there's anything wrong the that) but I believe people think diet = depravation, and then associated the word negatively.


Michele beautifully addresses this exact concept within the first few pages of the book in a hilarious little scenario involving the devil and his little baby devils. It really sets the tone for the knowledge bombs and real world advice she goes on to deliver throughout the remaining pages.


Wonderfully warm and easy to read, the book is essentially divided up into three bite-sized categories of Diet. Exercise and Mindset. Each delivering one lightbulb moment nugget of simple wisdom after another. You'll be finding yourself saying, is it really that easy? And is there actually chocolate involved?

Um yes, yes it is. Just re-read the devil section if you need clarification!!


Where I believe Michele has managed to nail it though, is that it really is simple to make small lifestyle changes, truly thoughtful choices and completely doable amounts of movement. And while there is no magic pill, there is also no magic anything...if you can grasp the idea of consistency and realism, things will just fall into place in your favour. And yes, chocolate is there for the taking!


After reading a book like this, I believe you can take the whole 'lose a dress size in 3 days' messages from your brain and dump them I dunno, where the sun don't shine!


If you can wholeheartedly get behind her message, you will be free from all that crap and you'll be free to focus on a world where you are happy with yourself...a world that also includes chocolate. Boo-yah!!!


To grab your copy of Michele's book, check with your local bookstore, order it online at www.micheleconnolly.com or Booktopia or download it via Audible, iTunes or Amazon


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