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September 14, 2017

In my quest to road test fitness, I made a pact to try all fitness...not just cherry pick the things I like to do or the things I'm good at. And committing to a Metafit class just goes to show my level of dedication.




Truth be told, I've been dodging Metafit for years now. People have asked me to try it and I've managed to distract them and run away...somewhere safe, you know, where there's a barbell!! But today I showed up to a class eager to record the experience knowing that maybe, just maybe someone is reading this right now and wondering if Metafit would be right for them.


So let me give you the skinny on Metafit. It's HIIT (high intensity interval training) at its very best. Challenging, anaerobic, intense body weight movements that burn the big muscles in an oh so wonderful way. Created by a former Royal Marine Commando, a Metafit class is short and spicy and guaranteed to set your metabolism on fire! Phew! Sounds a little scary huh? Well actually the best part about Metafit, in my opinion, is that its adaptable for all fitness levels. If you're a beginner, there's easier options for you to do. And if you're ridiculously fit and keen, you can go harder, higher or faster.


Probably the most challenging aspect is knowing your limits...and pushing them. Just how intense can you go? If you're new to exercise, this can be tough to master. During a Metafit class, your body might be burning but if you put your mind to it you CAN do that extra rep. Having an excited and inspiring trainer cheering you on too is key to pushing your limits and really getting that true Metafit experience.


In today's class, Helen (Metafit Caroline Springs owner and trainer) was a ball of great energy. Weaving in and around the class, urging us on and demonstrating all the moves with ease. Here we are afterwards, I'm the sweaty mess!


After class we chatted about her thoughts on Metafit, as Helen explains, "Metafit is one of the very true HIIT programs out there as it follows the HIIT principles and applies them as they should be. HIIT is a buzz word in the biz at the moment and there's lots of workouts and programs that claim to be HIIT, but they aren't. Any workout longer than 30 minutes is not true HIIT as you can't sustain the intensity required to meet HIIT training principles. That's why Metafit is so effective IF it's performed properly i.e. when it's done at max effort, no pacing and with true compound exercises."


This rings true as I flogged myself during the workout today. Trying to constantly muster up the energy to push my body for that little bit more. Listening for the countdown to rest while remembering one of the golden rules of the class...don't slow down before the count. The pattern of the circuit was foreign to me at first, but by round 2 I'd figured it out and had a better idea of what to expect.


I knew I was in the sweet spot as sweat trickled down my nose and I could feel my muscles burning...and then all of sudden it was over! Just like that. The thirty minutes had flown by in a blur of fast paced action and my immediate thought was..."Oh that wasn't so bad". I guess it helped that the finisher was all favs!


We took a sweaty little group pic to prove that YES we really did workout...see!

The verdict? Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.


For me, I could see it supplementing my CrossFit training...making me a whole lot more cardio fit without a barbell to hide behind!


For a beginner, the answer is the same, in fact, the short nature of the class makes it a great way to kick off your fitness journey.


For mums looking to get fit, I especially loved the relaxed atmosphere of the class where kids and babies galore happily watched their keen mama's get it done.


Tick. Tick. Tick. Metafit.

Do you know someone in the fitness game who is super motivating and inspiring?


Or perhaps you would like your gym or fitness class road tested?


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