There's a GRRRL Army and we want You!

December 26, 2017

Today I'm changing it up a bit and reviewing an active wear brand. But not just any active wear brand. No. This one is so far removed from your run of the mill shopping mall brand its ridiculous! This one spruiks girl power with so much zest it's infectious. This brand bases its sizes around beautiful body shapes and names them after their stable of powerhouse athletes. Oh and you can forget about seeing photoshopped "fit" models wearing clothes from this brand...hells no. There is no mistaking it, this rebellious brand is taking names and taking no shit, oh and if you don't like they couldn't care fact they may even flip you the bird!


This brand is GRRRL Clothing and they are here to change the game!


So yeah I'm a fan. I mean it's hard not to be, just check out their Instagram or better still follow their MFCEO (I'll let you figure that one out), the formidable, hilarious and oh so impressive Kortney Olson. It won't take long for you to jump on the GRRRL Army bandwagon, I promise.


But before you do, let's talk clothes. And by clothes I mean the awesome tee and windbreaker the team at GRRRL sent me to road test


Here's the low down on the gear...first up the G Windbreaker (shown) is the perfect lightweight item to wear outside. Super soft and comfy, I would wear this to and from the gym on cooler days and definitely while out walking. I wasn't sure if my size estimate was correct but I was happy to say the G Windbreaker fit perfectly. I'm an all over Kortney btw. Side note: GRRRL Clothing sizes are all based on the body measurements of the GRRRL Athletes. You simply apply your upper body and lower body measurements to the body shape athlete closest to you and you're all set.


Next is the Right to Bare Arms fitted tee.  OMG I'm a sucker for a badass tee so I LOVED this one on sight but  when I held it up I thought it looked like it would be too small. Can you imagine how happy I was when I popped it on and it fit...perfectly. I had big plans for this tee, so it was important that it felt comfy and looked flattering.


Now to the workout!!


When I turned up to my CrossFit box and saw the WOD (workout of the day), I had to laugh as it was all upper body! So damn on point for my brand new slogan tee. I was going to get the guns out and really put this tee through its paces.


We started with 4 x 5 sets of Strict Presses where I worked up to 5 x 30kg. Then a 10 minute EMOM (that's Every Minute on the Minute) alternating of Max Push Ups followed by Max Pull Ups...arms were burning after this but so far the tee was feeling comfy. I was even impressed that it wasn't too tight around my biceps...not that they're that HUGE but more that I usually find it annoying and in turn always wear singlets...but this tee was sitting nicely and not cutting in at all.


The final test would be the WOD. A 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) of 10 Handstand Push ups, 10 Kettlebell Swings (16kg) and 10 Burpees. A word of warning, the tough ones are usually the ones that don't look that hard on paper and I'm always cautious of a WOD without a Barbell in it!But let me tell you  if the forearms, shoulders and everything else upper body wasn't already was about to get totally lit in  this workout!


3...2...1...Beep!!! We were off and before I know it I was upside down, without being burdened with my top riding up or flopping down over my face. Check! Next on to the Kettlebells...easy breezy and then the Burpees, normally a move that has me yanking and pulling at my top...but no I was smashing them out without a problem.


I painfully pushed through the workout, well aware that I was hurting (in the best possible way), sweating hard (as I should be) and just trying to get to the next rep (like everyone else). Soon enough the clock stopped and we all collapsed, crawling out of the pain cave and into the warm embrace of endorphin fuelled utopia. You know, where there's high fives, fist bumps, pats on the back....and its all over!


Check out my all its raw glory right here!



Want to know if you can Find Your Fit in GRRRL Clothing?


Here's my five speedy takeaways to help you decide...


1. If you like to wear gym gear with an edge, than GRRRL is for you. You know, on those days when you're feeling extra sassy, kinda feisty, borderline aggressive but oh so badass. Yeah those days.


2. You don't have to be a size 10 or smaller to wear GRRRL. In fact this brand embraces, no celebrates, all body shapes and sizes, they even have a junior GRRRL range!


3.  The price point is incredibly reasonable for the high quality of the pieces. And they have regular sales and discounts for their loyal GRRRL Army!


4. The range caters perfectly to the chick who loves to sport a monochromatic or all black badass look right through to the gal who loves to rock explosions of colour, unicorns and donuts!


5. .WARNING: Wearing GRRRL may make you want to kick ass on the daily and do things that make you feel like the proud, amazing, strong, incredible woman you are!

Check GRRRL for you yourself right here....GRRRL Clothing.











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