Find Your Fit with a Float

May 8, 2018

Tell me. When was the last time you took an hour to be still? Not sitting in front of the TV still or scrolling through your phone still…but really truly still. Alone with your thoughts. Being totally and absolutely still. No interruptions. Nothing. Just you and your glorious mind. Gosh it sounds practically ridiculous in this day and age. Right? Well I thought so too, until I discovered Floating at Beyond Rest Moonee Ponds.


Believe me, I had my concerns and they are no doubt the same ones you are probably having right now. So let me take you on this journey and hopefully I’ll address them AND alleviate them too.


My Float Day started out probably just like yours...busy! Getting the family up and ready for the day, dropping kids to school, hitting the gym, eating on the go, driving across town to train a Mums Group then back across town to get to this appointment, all this before 1pm. I was manic…which I thought was kind of ironic seeing as I was about to go and “relax”.

In my rush to get to Beyond Rest, I pulled into the thankfully convenient parking at the front of the building and bundled my way through the fashionably timber panelled doors. And just like that a wash of serenity came over me. I was immediately enveloped by the white on white interior with its enticing curved walls, plush carpet and gentle lighting that felt as reassuring as a warm hug. There was a quietness to everything, ahhhh I was already feeling relaxed.


To greet me at reception was the lovely James as well as the owner, Mary, who by the way, traded in the fast paced rat race of stockbroking to promote the float revolution! Mary bid me farewell as James took me on a detailed tour of the space. This started with the chill out area, which is utilised after your float.  There’s complimentary tea and a thought wall for you to scribe messages and feedback on, a drying room with all natural hair products and state-of-the-art hair dryers, a restroom and then finally to Room 2, where I would experience my float.


The room is large and my gentle giant ( the pod) even larger, in fact it’s way bigger than I expected it to be! James took me through the process which involved popping in the silicon earplugs, showering in the open shower adjacent to the capsule and then finally stepping into the tank for my float.


Admittedly, I was still feeling nervous, yet strangely relaxed at the same time. I waded into the tank filled with a tonne of water as well as 500kg of Epsom salts, containing Magnesium Sulphate (an excellent muscle relaxant), and pulled the hood down. I expected to feel immediately claustrophobic, as I imagine you might be thinking too, but the pod roof is quite high. So I pushed aside these thoughts as the water felt lovely and I wanted to enjoy this experience.


I settled back and immediately regretted not grabbing the optional float pillow for my head. I did consider jumping out to get it but decided not to. I’m in now.


The sensation of the water was soothing and nothing short of delicious. I floated comfortably with my whole body bobbing just nicely below the water line. In a touch a genius, the air temperature in the capsule is set the same as the water so you don’t really feel the difference between under and above, giving you the unforgettable sensation of floating. I initially played around with where to put my arms. FYI I ended up deciding to gently lace my fingers behind my head. And this felt good as I could support my head as well.


The gentle blue light helped me settle in, while the chilled out music started to play within the pod. I was told that the music would tune out and the light would turn off at around 5 minutes into my float, so I was expecting it to happen and then immediately wondered if I’d be bored.


While the music played, I closed my eyes and got comfortable with the idea that the next fifty or so minutes would be just this. JUST THIS! It was an unfamiliar concept and I repeatedly had to push aside thoughts on what I had to do today or the guilt about disappearing off from responsibility for the afternoon. But I decided to focus on my breathing. It was easy to hear my breath as my ears were under the water. I could really feel my chest rising and lowering as well which made the whole experience even more relaxing. In fact it was so hypnotising that I felt myself slip into a deep stage of relaxation.


Don’t get me wrong,  I felt such clarity in my thoughts that I practically wrote this blog in my head during the float and I sporadically waved my arms around a little to feel the water, oh and my digestive system entertained me on occasion but in the end my mind must have finally released and sent me into a lovely, deeply relaxed state (aka sleep) because when the music gently glided in, I found myself slowly coming to.


After a few minutes I was ready to leave my happy pod. I opened the hood and jumped out and directly into the warmth of the shower, located right at the end of the pod. I took my time dreamily washing with the all natural shampoo and conditioner and body wash. Upon dressing, I padded barefoot to the hair drying room to dry and style my hair.


James and Mary welcomed me back as I wandered to the chill out room where I soaked up every last bit of escapism before I had to get back to ‘normality’.


Oh this wouldn’t be the last time I was here!


Thank you Beyond Rest...truly an experience to rememnber!

Want to know if you can Find Your Fit with a Float?


Here's my five speedy takeaways from my time at Beyond Rest Moonee Ponds...


1. Worried about feeling claustrophobic? Don’t worry, I thought about this too but fear not, the pod is so amazingly large, it feels airy and not oppressive at all. However, you do have the option to leave the hood open or partly open and the lights on, if you’d prefer.


2. Do I need to bring anything? No, you float in your birthday suit (yep and it couldn’t feel any more amazing!) and you have all the hair styling and drying products at your disposal and the tanks are highly sterile and fully filtered between floats.

3. Aside from being relaxed, what are the other bonuses? Well if you’re used to sore and sorry muscles from the gym, you can expect to feel soft and supple from all the magnesium in the water. Total bliss for any hard core gym goer!


4. Will I be cold? There’s no chance of being cold during the float either. Nope. The water is kept at a lovely 34.5 degrees, which is skin-receptor neutral. This means, you essentially lose track of where the water stops and your body begins…ah bliss!


5. Will I fall asleep? Maybe. Eventually. In my case, I thought either I’d be bored or worse, that I’d think TOO much. While I found myself gently mulling over various thoughts at first, I then found myself slipping into a quiet place that was most likely sleep…and it was dreamy!

So, are you ready to float yet?


Ready to throw out all your perceived expectations, fears and concerns and just let yourself go. Ready to expect nothing and then get everything in return.


If you are, then guess what…you can SAVE $14 off your first float (paying just $65) by using the code “FINDMYFIT”. Book your float online here or visit their Instagram or Facebook page for more info.


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