The Sweat Proof Test with Fitcover

February 6, 2018

Once again, I got the exciting opportunity to try a fitness related product for the blog and I was super excited about this one...ummm I mean it is MAKE UP after all! I'm not ashamed to say that I like taking pride in my appearance and the gym is not immune. Sure I know there's some folk who are all like, 'you're not there to look cute', but I really don't care. I work my ass off when I train, but that doesn't mean I want to look like a train wreck! Enter Fitcover™ and its range of 100% Natural, Vegan, no nasties range of mineral make up that is...wait for it...sweat proof!


The brain child of fit mama Nova Jane, who first had the idea back in 2008 to create a make up specifically for training and sweating. After many years, that niggling little idea just wouldn't go away and it eventually turned into something more tangible and Fitcover™ was born. As Nova expresses in her bio, "I'm so excited! Not only do I have this perfect product to show to the world, but I am now able to build a platform to help motivate and inspire women, and anyone for that matter, to look after themselves, be healthy, be positive, be motivated and inspired to train."


As an avid gym girl, I'm sick of seeing my foundation slip off my face or worse, end up around my collar, so I was super keen to try out the sweat proof factor and immediately got my hands on the range of samples.


As you can see (by the pic), there are several shades to suit all skin types.  I chose the Nourish shade, which was the darkest in the range but as I am in full summer (tan and all), this was the colour for me.


Application was ridiculously easy, and made even more simple with a kabuki brush. The brush comes with the Full Experience package and it does look kinda irresistible! The coverage was absolutely gorgeous and felt super light weight. I managed to pop it on in just a few minutes, then slapped on some gloss and I was out the door and straight to the gym.


Once at my CrossFit box, we kicked off with the usual business of fast exercise. Warm ups, strength work, a nasty little pre-workout and then the final WOD (workout of the day). There was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't get to fully test out the sweat proof power of Fitcover...and that I did. By the end of my workout, I was so sweaty but my make up stayed put, didn't come off on my hand, and quite honestly, still looked pretty awesome even though I had just put my body through the wringer.


You can take a look at my video review to see just how it all went down...right here

Annnnd here's a little before and after too FYI:


Want to know if you can Find Your Fit wearing Fitcover?


Here's my five speedy takeaways to help you decide...


1. Putting it on is so simple! Just ensure your skin is clean, hydrated and dry. Tap the jar of foundation upside down (with lid on) to loosen the foundation, then turn back over and tap lid again. Using the Kabuki Brush, swirl into powder from the inside of the lid, tap off excess, and apply onto the skin using a circular, buffing motion.


2. Fitcover is 100% Australian Owned and Made with no preservatives. It is water-resistant and has SPF 15+,


3.  Don't know what shade to order? Well you can order a sample pack or alternatively just email a few photos of yourself to in good natural lighting, and no makeup on and the Fitcover team will do their very best to find you your perfect match.


4. A little goes a long way. It didn't take much to provide my face with complete coverage and then it stayed on for ages.


5. How often do you seriously get to purchase something that is wholly Aussie owned and operated...of this kind of quality?

Head over and check out Fitcover at you will not regret it!! 






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