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September 28, 2017

Five, Six, Seven, Eight...that's right it's dancing time! Let's face it, a dance class is a fair departure from my usual barbell bashing CrossFit routine but if truth be told, I couldn't wait to do this one. Firstly, I love to dance, I'm not classically trained or trained at all for that matter...I'm more of a freestyle mover. But damn do I love to move! Just give me a beat and I'll be shaking my booty. But when it comes to learning choreography and actual technique things definitely become a lot more complicated. Which is why...everybody chime in together...this is perfect for Finding My Fit!


Tonight I headed off to Dance Habit in Braybrook. A dance school that I found online, on my side of town and one that I was excited to see catered thoroughly to adults, as well as kids. I was all booked in for the 7.30pm Beginner Jazz class. And once I got my head around the fact that I'd be out of the house that late (yes that late), and not all tucked up watching The Block, I was excited.


In all my eagerness, I was the first to arrive but the instructors were super welcoming, in fact, all the participants that arrived said hello to everyone else as we waited to file into the studio. We headed on in and got started on warming up. I was lucky enough to have Dance Habit Founder and Director, Megan take the class and as we got warm and stretched, I lamented the loss of my flexibility and made an immediate mental note that I would get it back.


After some Pilates style movements to activate our core, we were off learning a new series of steps. As I had joined in on a term group of students, they had already been learning a dance, so lucky me I was going to get the whole thing thrown my way...oh boy!! But the routine was super cute and perky and even included an ode to Grease with the hand know it...this one...

Born to Hand Jive Baby...side note I totally did not know that those were the lyrics.


Back to jazz now. And instructor Megan's patience with us, and by 'us' I mean 'me' haha was awesome. Despite not quite having the finesse, just yet, the movements she showed us weren't complicated, they were fun and ideal for a beginner class. We added on bits and pieces and soon enough, we had a fair chunk of the dance under our belt. Then it was just about putting it all know the hard part.


For me, learning choreography is positively electric. One part of me feels like my brain is going to explode, while the other part of me is fuelled by the music and rhythm. There's no end of frustration, but I tell you nothing makes you feel more alive than when your brain and body fire in unison. Oh and when you hit that series of moves...what a rush! Everything just falls into this wonderful place of perfect JLo-esque serenity. At least, that's the high I'm chasing because at this very moment, I'm on the precipice of greatness but I just can't nail it. I left sweaty, happy and thinking...I'll get you next time Jazz!


Come day two at Dance Habit and I was back, this time for the Hip Hop class. I feel like I'm built more for the power and 'tude that Hip Hop allows and I was psyched to unleash all my Queen Bey inspired bootylicious sass!


Pocket Rocket Mon took the class tonight and we set out learning some of the typical Hip Hop steps, how the isolations work and then rounded it all out with a very cool, old school routine. For the life of me, I could not nail the opening kicky thingy step, which drove me crazy, but the rest of dance felt natural and fun. I even managed to put a little something-something to know my own little flavour! Haha...too much?


Before I knew it, we'd been dancing for almost an hour! Now if you asked me to run for an hour, I'd tell you to go jump (and that's the PG version). But I was more than happy to stomp the boards for that long, repping step after step, wiping the sweat dripping down my face and going again. Too much fun!


And this is the kind of joy I want everyone to find in their fitness.


Where the fun far outweighs the hard bit.


Where you wake up sore the next day but wouldn't trade the experience for anything.


Where you know that your mind and body are better off from having done it.


The positives just keep on coming.


So could Dance Habit be YOUR fit?


I think the adult classes offered at a set up like Dance Habit are so perfect. Whether you are wanting to revisit a childhood hobby or maybe take up a style you have longed to try like ballet or tap. The instructors are relaxed and work to the level of the participants. There is a strict no judgement policy and the wonderful supportive environment is palpable. Oh and if you're eager to show off your new found skills, they even do an end of year concert (oh the performer in me just got a little excited!!)


Find Dance Habit on Instagram, Facebook or check out their website for classes and times.

Do you know someone in the fitness game who is super motivating and inspiring?


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