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September 19, 2017

Flying through the air...with the greatest of ease??


That was the question on my mind when I signed up for the Introduction to Aerials Course at The Circus Spot. Aerials, in this case, covers the Trapeze, Aerial Hoop and Tissu. All completely new and utterly daunting for in other words the perfect class to road test for Finding My Fit.


I signed up for the course about a week ago and before I knew it, Sunday had rolled around and I was on my way to The Circus Spot, based in Pascoe Vale. 


When I arrived, I took in the space...which was all very colourful with lots mats and equipment, not unlike a gymnastics centre. I filled out my information form and waited patiently with about 15 other eager (and nervous) participants.


Well, we had no reason to be nervous, the staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming as they called everyone out on to the floor.


Name tagged up and rearing to go, we went through a comprehensive warm up that was reminiscent of my cheerleading days. I knew that with such a through warm up, our bodies were about to be put through the ringer! The staff explained that we would have the chance to work on all three apparatus and have a go at a few tricks. I didn't get too excited, seeing as I wasn't even sure I'd get up there!


We split into two groups and I started on the Trapeze. We started with a SIMPLE how to get up to a sitting position. Looked easy enough (when our expert teacher did it)! But low and behold, all those toes to bar at CrossFit actually made my Trapeze debut kinda graceful and before I knew it I was on top of the bar...pleased as punch (as you can see here)

 Over a series of turns, we added a new element. This included standing up, laying back (planking) and the very pretty Mermaid, which was my favourite (below).































After our run on the Trapeze, I decided that I'll be changing my blog from Finding My Fit to Finding My Forearms!!! OMG, different muscles were burning like never before. In particular my forearms and hands - I think my grip was ironclad partly through fear and mostly from adrenaline.


From there we moved onto the Aerial Hoop, I was giddy with confidence as I had enjoyed the Trapeze so much. As the instructors explained, the Hoop is essentially the same as Trapeze but just curved...oh and its spins! We started with the a similar round of techniques, 1. Get on the hoop 2. Stand up on the hoop. 3. So something cool on the hoop.


Off we went. It was different to be spinning on top of being also being suspended, but I liked it.


My favourite was the side sit balance, I mean seriously, I was one step away from donning a sequined leotard and high tailing it off to Vegas! Wouldn't you agree haha!

Arghhh I love learning new things! And I especially love challenging my body, testing my strength and coordination and exposing my weaknesses. It doesn't get any better than being healthy and able to use your body. It truly is the greatest gift, and one that is squandered all to often.


I digress. Sorry (not sorry).


Back to the Circus. After a quick water break, we moved onto Tissu also known as Aerial Silks...think P!NK in her Truth About Love Tour. These are so pretty and terrifying at the same time. We started off just playing around pulling up and getting used to the feel. We also worked on foot lock techniques, which enabled me to pull up really high and stay there! Then we got to kick upside favourite.



After more playing and perfecting the little tricks, we gathered back together and stretched down. I could feel where I'd be sore the next day, but didn't care one bit. I had been challenged, entertained, inspired and I had the most fun ever. Now I just need to decide how I can go back again!


So is The Circus Spot for you?


One hundred percent YES! Whether you have a star performer trapped inside you or if you just want to experience something totally different, you have got to try their Introductory Class.


The expert instructors cater to any and all fitness levels and you're guaranteed to be so distracted having fun that you will hardly notice that you're getting fitter and stronger.


Oh and The Circus Spot also runs extremely popular kids classes, well worth checking out as you and your kids will all be in excellent hands.


Thanks for reading, now I'm running away to join the circus x

Do you know someone in the fitness game who is super motivating and inspiring?


Or perhaps you would like your gym or fitness class road tested?


To be featured in an upcoming blog, send me a message at















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