Find Your Fit with Boxing

November 30, 2017

Time to shake it up and go old school once again. And it doesn't get any more old school, than Fighting Lyons.  An established Niddrie gym it's part of the very fabric of this tight knit community, with many a kid, teen and adult attending their Taekwondo, Acrobatics, or Trampolining classes,...hmmm I may need to put those on the road test list! But for right now, it was their Boxing class and in particular their very popular Mums & Cubs Boxing class that I wanted to check out. So this week I took along my little Indie (who's 16 months and an avid gym go-er herself) to give it a go.


Indie and I turned up Monday morning, gloves in hand and ready to train. Prams, toddlers and pre-school kids where being unloaded by an assortment of SUVs and the post school drop off mama's were ready to smash out a session. I was directed downstairs to the huge boxing hall and met Paul, my trainer. He started offering this class as an option for mums who wanted to train, and word quickly spread. During class the pram babies happily line up along the wall while the older ones can head upstairs where they offer child minding! No wonder it's popular! The class was jam packed and these mums do not mess around, nor are they just turning up for a chat...these ladies were here to werrrk! And damn it did they ever!


We started with a "warm up" of shuttle runs and mobility, with some push ups, lunges, sprints and bear crawls thrown in for good measure. I say "warm up" but let's face it, it was more like workout number 1! But everyone around me was head down-bum up so I did too while Paul, nimble as ever, easily demonstrated the moves and kept a close on eye on the group. Workout 2 otherwise known as the circuit, was a 12 station set that covered everything from Bosu Squats to Barbell Presses. We were working 45 seconds on with a 10 second change over...and I'm thinking to myself "Damn all this and we still have to box!!"


While we were grabbing a much needed drink break, one the girls explained how Paul will vary the sessions to sometimes include a circuit or maybe more bag's always different. Being from the school of thought that constantly varied training is da bomb...I decided that I was enjoying this challenging workout.


Right! Drink break over. Gloves on girls! It was time to box. Everyone found a bag and we set off on a rapidly changing series of punching and kicking combinations. It was more of a go hard or go home kinda scenario, with some the rounds only lasting 10 seconds, but if you were doing it right it would feel like an eternity. There's something totally healthy and satisfying about smashing the hell out of a bag, I suspect my fellow mama's around me feel the same way, as we left nothing in the tank driving punch after punch through the unrelenting bag, desperately bashing away with all our might while straining our ears to hear the stop call from Paul.


Finally we wrapped the boxing section and I could feel the sweat rolling down between my nose as a flicked my gloves off. Oh, but we weren't done yet, I just knew it. The girls knew it too as Paul ushered us over for the dreaded finale of CORE! Ugghhh!!! A necessary evil I know, I mean have you ever seen a boxer with a beer belly? Nope, me either. So I mustered all my million dollar baby motivation and took up my spot for a gruelling series of ab work that Paul demonstrated disgustingly easily.


Eight...nine...ten...and YES we were done! Done with the abs and the done with the class. And what an awesome little sweat session that was.


You can see just how much fun I had at Fighting Lyons in my video below!



So, do you think you can Find Your Fit with Boxing?


Well I can guarantee that in this class, which runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, these participants are reaping the health and fitness rewards of boxing training. As a group these mums were looking amazing and Paul commented on how much he's seen his regular attendees change over time. If you're looking for a great, welcoming environment to amp up your fitness or reach some weight loss goals...there's no doubt that you find all that and more here.

Check out Fighting Lyons and all that they offer by checking out their website, Facebook or Instagram.  


Thanks for having me Fighting Lyons....perhaps we'll meet again over a trampoline?

Do you know someone in the fitness game who is super motivating and inspiring?


Or perhaps you would like your gym or fitness class road tested?


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