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October 31, 2017

I'd been on the hunt for a cool spin-esque style of class to road test since I started the blog. It's an area of fitness that I've never tried and I really wanted to know if I'd like it. When I discovered Bodhi & Ride in Port Melbourne, I was pretty excited! Immediately appealing from its cool logo to its sassy Insta feed jam packed with personality, I knew I had to try it. When I contacted them, the team responded immediately and I easily booked in for my class using the automated system!


So it's now Monday, and I'm heading to the 12noon class thinking to myself. "Why do you always choosing the cardio stuff?' But I'm never one to shy away from a challenge.


When I arrived, I'm greeted by (as I later found out) the owner and founder, Michaela. Who is as warm and welcoming as the stunning aesthetics we are standing in. I feel immediately relaxed as she signs me in and organises my special cycle shoes. Looking around I could very well be in a trendy fitness haunt of New York, the design of the space is thoughtful and calming with billowing curtains and soft neutrals yet robust with its timber fixtures and high curved walls. The space so effortlessly delivers on the overall feel that the brand is trying to get across...and this will all make more sense to me soon.


I'm given a bike number and shown to my locker and then into the Ride Chamber. Bambu, my instructor and self-confessed crazy Latino from Barcelona enthusiastically greets me and helps me to set up my bike. She's a pocket rocket of energy and I feel immediately comfortable that she is going to happily kick my ass. As I clip in (with my special shoes), I take it all in. The room could be best described as a nightclub, but right now, its like a nightclub at 9pm. You know, it's dimly lit, the neon lights are on and there's music but it's way before everyone has arrived. So I'm like the girl who got there early for the free drink card!


As the rest of the Bohdi Tribe roll in, they too are helped to set up their bike heights and clip in to start the class. Bambu is super diligent in giving us all a run down of safety and operation of the bikes through her mic head set, which in a side note, I completely will not stop until I can instruct a class wearing one those!


But I digress...


We're about to get started, and I quickly ask the girl next to me if she's done this before? She had and she assured me that Yes, its awesome. And hard. And sweaty. Ok. Let's do it.


Bambu starts us off and as the lights go down and the music comes up, we're off and cycling to the epic beat of a dance track while the strobe flickers in time with our heaving bodies. Led by Bambu we pedal hard, we're off the seat, then on the seat. We pump and curl dumbbells. We drop our shoulders, we go to the left, we go to the right. Then we clap! I'm lost in it all. Dripping with sweat, my hair sticking to my face, the music pumping right into my chest, the lights dazing me into complete submission. What! Bambu wants me to pedal faster....harder...ok!!


While I was in the thick of it, my quads were burning and I was oh so sweaty, I kept thinking I don't want to stop. No way, I'm all in and I love it. It's like when you somehow manage to spend four hours on the dance floor, with the music feeding your very soul, and you just get caught up in the moment and never seem to get tired.


For 45 minutes amazing minutes, we pedalled our little hearts out and right at the end I experienced the Freedom Ride. This is when the lights are turned out and in complete darkness, we could all just freestyle, you know, ride any way we liked. Sing along, Just move and be immersed in the moment. Kinda that whole dance like nobody is watching thing.


 And that my friends is the very essence of Bodhi & Ride.


As I later found out while back at reception chatting with Michaela, the name derives from Bodhi, which relates to the Buddhist ideal of enlightenment and Ride which reflects the intensity of the cycling. Mashed together, you have your whole Bodhi & Ride experience on a platter.


Awakening and Strength.


Passion and Power.


As soon as she told me this, I immediately reflected on how I felt during the Freedom Ride. She has nailed it!


Seriously, I was so invigorated after the class and my chat with Michaela that I raced home and just had to write all this down. To capture just how good I felt and hopefully translate that to you. Like seriously, if you haven't booked in yet!! Haha, no seriously!


To experience Bodhi & Ride for yourself take a peek at the video below then head over to their website, Instagram or Facebook to see more about the class times, prices, instructors and even their collection of super cute apparel!


There's no doubt that I'll be back at the flagship studio soon, that is until Michaela opens another one closer to me...and let's me instruct a class WITH A HEADSET!!


Do you know someone in the fitness game who is super motivating and inspiring?


Or perhaps you would like your gym or fitness class road tested?


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