Find Your Fit with Be-Yoncesize

November 27, 2017

A friend of mine recently suggested that I get in touch with Jade Purdie, the Director of Be Dance Fit. Based in Spotswood, Be Dance Fit offers a range of dance, Barre and fitness classes but what really caught my eye was her Be-Yoncesize class!! That's right! A whole class dedicated to the booty shaking, hair flicking, ass whooping Queen herself. So when I spoke to Jade on the phone, I was pretty sure I knew the class I just HAD TO DO!


Be-Yoncesize was on a Thursday night at 7.30pm, late for this mama but probably the perfect time for the youngins and full time workers. Jade met me at the door and was as animated and gorgeous in person as she was on the phone. Her energy was palpable as she skipped and jived around the studio setting up the music and lining up the projector which would later showcase our girl, Bey!


As the class started to arrive, it was all women across a big range of ages (as far as I'm concerned there's no age limit on shaking your booty. And anyone who tells you otherwise. you just don't need in your life!).


The girls were lovely and introduced themselves to me, I chatted with a few who have been coming for a while and loving it. There might have been some previous dance history in the group, but most of the girls were just here to have fun and get a great workout.


We kicked things off with a warm up, to a Beyonce song (of course).


Now let me just start by saying that Jade is an absolutely rockin chick and a really charisimatic instructor. Oh but don't be fooled...though she be but little she is fierce as she led us through a full warm up that introduced a bit of ghetto, a lil twerking and a bunch of old school high kicks for good measure.


Now we were ready to dance.


First, to get us all on the same page, we watched the music video to Grown Woman (check it out here). In true Beyonce style, the clip, the song, the's all awesome.



We got to work on the opening and Jade's choregraphy was fun and relaxed, the steps were cool without being complicated. Everyone was shaking, flicking and kicking in no time. And we added more and more each round.

About mid way through, when we were taking a quick break, one of the girls commented on how far her dancing ability had come since beginning the classes, while another agreed that with the low disco lighting she could just move without being intimidated. Now ain't that exactly what you want to happen in a dance class. Bravo Jade!!


We ended with a few full run throughs of everything we had just learned, and to be honest I was having so much fun that I really didn't know if I missed a step here or there. I was sweaty and having a ball just popping and sliding across the floor.

Our cool down was kind of a free flowing choregraphy of stretches mixed with a bit of ballet and yoga. I felt awesome and the class was equally pshyced with our efforts. Check out the video here for a snippet of what we got up to.



So, do you think you can Find Your Fit with Be-Yoncesize?


If you're a fan of Beyonce, um who isn't, you will loveJade's take on her style of dance. The energy is infectious and the atmosphere is unpretentious. If you're just starting out on your exercise journey, you'll be in safe hands with Jade. On the other hand if you're looking for a challenge, there's no doubt she can deliver a friendly butt kicking too!


Check out Be-Yoncesize and all the other classes on offer at Be Dance Fit by checking out their website, Facebook or Instagram.


Thanks for having me Be Dance Fit.

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