More on the Mumpreneur Myth

June 18, 2017

It's the strangest feeling to think that perfect strangers are reading about my journey and thinking to themselves, 'Hey that's how I feel" but that seems to be exactly what is happening!


Today I was scrolling through the Daily Mail online and there I was, right below Meghan Markle and Prince Harry!! Picked up on the tail end of The Age article, which is also popping up on mummy blogs everywhere, my seemingly boring life is actually transformed into this relatable experience for mums everywhere.


People are sending messages about this article helping them to change the way they are balancing kids and business, and I've seen screen grabs from friends who have friends sharing it. I know this happens all the time, and in a few days there'll be something or someone else. But to me, right now...this is mind blowing!!


When all you want to is connect with people and make them feel good, these articles are like a dream come true. I'm reaching people who I would never normally be able to reach and I'm telling my truths, the good and bad ones. I've been to hell and back with thinking I was a failure and that I had lost my way. But now I'm embracing the lessons and realising that I was not alone.


Thank you to the amazing mothers out there who contacted me and reminded me of the importance we offer. Thank you to journalists who took the time to write real and true accounts of my story. Thank you to my Pretty Fit girls who are proudly representing my brand. Most of all thank you to my little family who just want mum around and for her to be happy.









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