Skincare as easy as you’re A, B, C’S

May 11, 2017

Now that I’ve turned, I thought I should probably look at getting some real skin advice! It’s not that turning 40 really bothered me too much, my theory was as long as I don’t look 40, I’m happy.


Hence the very serious skincare discussion I had to have. Luckily for me, my gorgeous sister in law, Tekah is a cosmetic nurse, hey talk about getting into a booming industry!


When we met for a consult, she started off by asking me what my normal skincare routine was. Being the pleaser I am, I diligently listed off my regime of cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating, make up removing, night oiling, day creaming etc. etc. I mean I’m an original Dolly girl, I believed I knew my shiz when it came to skincare. After wrapping up my lengthy and highly committed routine, I sat there pleased as punch and waiting for the praise to be lashed upon me. Um no! Her response was simply, gosh that seems like a lot!! Wait a minute! Are you telling me I don’t need those micro beads ripping dead skin cells from my face. Or that night oil to replenish my tired eyes. Or the free radical fighting toner that stings like a…you know what!


Ok so it’s about here that I’m going to tell you what she told me…and brace yourselves because it’s a simple, no bullshit approach to looking after your skin and it changes EVERYTHING!


It goes like this…


In the morning, I wash my face with…water! Yep plain old water. I mean unless you’ve slept in a paddock how dirty can your face really be? After that I pop on some Vitamin B then a spritz of 50+ SPF and guess what…that’s it! Make up goes on top and I’m out the door. I know, I know let’s save all questions until the end.


Moving on to my night time ritual, I remove my make up with a simple cleanser, pop on some Vitamin A, then Vitamin B and I’m all set to get my beauty sleep.


Every 6-8 weeks I go and see her for a thorough check up and some sort of light based treatment that makes me think I’m lying on beach somewhere so I don’t ask questions, I just lie there and soak up the uninterrupted 20 minutes. AND THAT’S IT!


Like I said in the title it is as simple as you’re A, B, C'S(Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Cleanser & SPF)


So now for the FAQ’s…


What about moisturiser? I thought I could not live without the stuff but to quote my learned sis-in law, “Moisturiser is about as useful as putting yoghurt on your face. Sure, it feels nice, but it does nothing?” Ha take that Lancôme! Now by all means if you love the feeling of moisturiser, then go ahead. Knock yourself out. But I can assure you that my skin has never felt more soft and supple on this plan, I’ve never once thought I needed the added moisturiser.


How about Exfoliating? I have invested my fair share of dollars into the beauty industry party line. And one of my biggest splurges was those foaming, mini beaded, face stripping exfoliates. I thought I was giving my face a wonderful treat by removing all that unwanted dirt and oil!! Um no, apparently, I was stripping it of all is natural oils, along with the unwanted oils…so then it would make more but not before I’d lathered on a ton of moisturising/oil. So, then my face was just like, ‘hey where’s all this oil from!’ Sure enough it would swiftly punish me with a breakout of protesting pimples. Hmmm served me right I guess!


Isn’t’ the sun cream oily? This is the part where I kinda got a smack of the wrist due to admitting that I didn’t wear sunscreen because I thought it would make me breakout. Hey, in my defence I’m a child of the 70s and the old slip slop slap thing is fairly new right? No? Ok I just wasn’t adulting at all when it came to this but I now use an absolutely divine product that is light and non-greasy and get this…not even expensive, even though it totally sounds like it should be. La Roche-Posay Anthelios, you can look it up below.


A couple of points to remember if you want to adopt this style of EASY skincare:


  • The vitamin A is not recommended for use when you’re pregnant, lactating or trying to get pregnant.

  • You can include a once a week light exfoliant. Tekah recommends a fruit based enzyme mask from Aspect, that feels amazing…and kind of gross too…but still amazing. Basically, it goes on like a gel and as you rub your hands in circular motion it activates by picking up any dead skin cells and grime, turning them into little balls that you then just wipe away. It’s quite gratifying to do.


Here’s my list of products.


SkinMedica Lytera (Vitamin A and Skin Brightening Complex)


Synergie Skin Vitamin B


Synergie Skin Bio Cleanse


La Roche-Posay 50+ SPF


Of course, I would recommend finding a trusted professional, like Tekah who works at The Victorian Cosmetic Institute , to give you a personal consult on your skin needs. But keep in mind the information I’ve given you so you don’t waste your hard-earned money on some marketing ploy.


Thanks for reading xo

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