My Resurrection

February 13, 2017

One week down in the eight week round of Pretty Fit. How am I feeling? Happy. Calm. Balanced. Do you even know how wonderful that is! You see, most of the reason I burnt out in the first place was that I didn’t have balance. I was under a pressure cooker of commitment. Unrelenting and unforgiving. It wasn’t a place I was willing or able to go back to and it was a big reservation I had when I considered starting up Pretty Fit again.



So, as I reflect on the week that was, I guess you could say that I’m feeling fairly proud of where I am right now.


This time last week, however was a different story. I was a ball of nerves and anticipation. The first returning training session for Pretty Fit. Would it still hold the magic? Would the girls enjoy my class? Could I still run a busy session? Oh…I was on fire with doubt and uncertainty. As 6.30pm rolled around, the girls had all arrived early and their excitement was contagious as they greeted one another and me.


Before I knew it, we were off and training, I pushed that voice of apprehension right to the back of my mind and let my natural love of training these amazing women take over.


And while I think I will always be charged with a certain self-imposed pressure to make Pretty Fit something special, my goal is to never, ever doubt that I’m not exactly where I need to be. Doing exactly what I need to be doing. This is my calling. To help women. Make them feel awesome in their own skin. Prove to them that they are strong in their own way. Show them that there is no wrong way to look. Support them on their health and fitness journey.


As far as the future goes, I’m determined to focus all my energy on keeping Pretty Fit authentic and training women who want to be a part of this very special gym. And yes, I know I’m not for everyone and nor do I want to be. I’ve happily let go of my global dreams of revolutionising the face of fitness, but rather I’m keeping it all close to home (literally) and wouldn’t have it any other way.




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