Boxing Babes Workout

December 15, 2016

This week was well on its way to being a total right off. I was moody, hormonal, emotional and just couldn't get out of my own way. Of course, I knew I needed to move to feel better but I was also just wallowing away in my little funk.


That is until today when my pre-arranged boxing date flashed up on the calendar. 'Yes!', I thought, I have to work out now. 'Oh No!', I then thought, I have to work out now. But it was the BEST THING I COULD HAVE DOWN!


Don't be your own worst enemy. Get in there and get it done, you'll feel amazing I promise!  


Here's the workout that Zoe and I did today:


Warm up: 10 jabs (short run) then 10 double glove punches (short run)

Go up by 10 each time to 30 punches


A. 2 minute Rounds


20 jabs + 2 squats (pad holder and boxer)

30 jabs + 2 squats

and so on for 2 minutes


Swap and Repeat


B. Punch, Push Up and Sit Ups


Set an interval timer to go off every 30 seconds for 15 rounds


* 30 seconds jabs

* 30 seconds push ups

* 1 minute (2 rounds) of jab, cross, cross

* 30 seconds sit ups

* 1.30 minutes (3 rounds) of Jab, jab, cross

* 30 seconds push ups

* 2 minutes (4 rounds) of jab, jab, cross, hook, hook

* 30 seconds sit ups

* 30 seconds of speed jabs


Swap and Repeat


C. 2 Minute Rounds


Round 1. (Boxer and Pad Holder do HIIT movements)


* 20 high knees

* 30 jab/cross

* 10 speed skaters

* 20 Hooks

* 10 Heel grabs

* 20 Uppers

Repeat as many times as possible in two minutes


Swap and do Round 2 (same punches just different HIIT moves)


* 10 split shuffles

* 30 jab/cross

* 10 Russian Twists

* 20 Hooks

* 10 star jumps

* 20 Uppers

Repeat as many times as possible in two minutes


D. 6 Rounds of Hell


Set a timer for 20 seconds/10 seconds x 6 rounds


Punch fast for 20 seconds

Then punch hard for 10 seconds

Repeat for all 6 rounds!!


Tabata Finisher:


You can't do Boxing with Tabata Coach to totally finish you off.


We alternated bashing the bag with squats.  In the 'rest' section we run up and back the backyard




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