Challenge Accepted

December 8, 2016

Call it a Bucket List...


A new adventure perhaps...


Or more likely just what happens when I've had too much coffee...


But in the search to Find My Fit, I have discovered my next challenge and it's just the thing to fire me up and motivate my training to the next level....a TRIATHLON!!!



Before y'all get too excited (or scared) for me, I should have really prefaced my dramatic announcement by stating that it is in fact a Mini Triathlon. But it is so far from anything I have ever tried before that even the mini version scares the absolute shit out of me...and that's exactly what I need!


Geez, am I a glutton for punishment? Or do I just really need to light a fire under my butt in order to achieve? Who knows!


What I do know is that by the 15th January 2017, I will need to do the following, one after the other, without dying...


Swim 200m

Bike 6km

Run 2 km


It probably doesn't seem like too big of a challenge for some but for me, the non running, cardio hating, barbell loving gal, doing an event like this will truly challenge me.


I mean I can't even decide which one scares me the most. I know I can run 2kms, but how will it feel after doing the other two events?


I figured the swim leg wouldn't be that bad...after all I have swimmers no...I hit the pool this morning and after 20 minutes my whole body was radiating. Shit! What was I thinking?


Tomorrow is bike training, surely that will be ok?...Right? I can feel my butt hurting already.


As you can probably tell, there's a lot I don't know about doing a triathlon and I'll probably be praying for a mighty kick of adrenalin to pop me over the line on the day...but in the mean time I'm gonna be paddling, biking and shuffling my way through.


Stay tuned xo


P.S. I roped in my eye of the tiger mate Zoe to do this with me. Zo, if you are reading this...are you as scared as I am??

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