You Tube Workout & Challenge Update

December 5, 2016

This post is a two-fer...firstly I road tested some upper body and core You Tube videos as my workout for today....


And secondly, I'm reporting my weight and measurements after Week 1 of The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge.




 1. The Workouts:


Wanting to mix things up again, I thought I'd go all Jane Fonda and do a indoor workout video.



Rather than pop in the actual Jane Fonda tape I used to own (see picture). How's that leo? Dayum Jane!


I moderned it all up by searching the You Tubes. Short on time as bubs only takes a short cat nap at this time, I wanted to get started straight away. First thing to come up in the search:






Bikini Arms Routine - Bikini Series



Did they mention Bikini's? Well sure, I want to look good in a bikini, let's get to it!  Once you skip through the minute long bikini frolicking montage intro, the actual workout is about 10 minutes long and it does get a nice little biceps, shoulders, triceps burn. But that's it, I saw this as more of a warm up or you could repeat it 4 times perhaps.




Next up was literally the next video up...short on time remember!


Side note: I can't help but say the word 'literally' like a Kardashian in my head every time hahaha...I'm easily amused!


Shelly Dose - Arms, Abs, Upper Body HIIT



Ok 30-ish minutes, this is more what I'm after. At least I think so, right from the get go I almost skipped to the next was a little too peppy American for me, but I pushed better bring it Shelly!


Oh and she did, a fast paced mixture of HIIT and weighted movements that really involved lots of full body movement as well as isolated arm and core stuff. I even got used to Shelly's loud, over excited aerobic instructor thing, she's a little pocket rocket.



2. 28 Day Challenge - Week 1 Results



I'll just slip these right in here I'm actually happy with my weight loss and measurement change. I had a couple of treat meals and I still had a glass of wine here and there (only on days ending in y!)...but I did 5 morning walks and I worked out 5 days too so I was happy with that.


I have enjoyed the food and this week's meal plan has been customised to include some easy favs from the week before. But the workouts are just not hard enough for me.


The Results:


Weight - Down 1.2 kilos

Bust - Down 5cm (bye bye boobs)

Waist - Down 4.5cm (always the first place to go)

Hips - Down 3cms (YAY!)

Thighs - NO CHANGE...Story of my life!!!

Arms - Down 1cm


Thanks for reading...Happy Monday Peeps!!!



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