Lower Body HIIT Workout

December 1, 2016

Got 20 minutes to spare?


Sure you do!


Here's a great little lower body HIIT burner that I tacked on to my morning walk.




The key to doing HIIT is keeping your pace up. After all it is High Intensity Interval Training. A really great way to measure your intensity is to check your Bs (Breathing and Burning) and Hs (Heaviness and Heat)


Are you breathing hard?

Are your muscles burning?

Does the weight feel heavy?

Are you hot and sweaty?



60 seconds on - 10 secs rest

  • 2 squats plus 1 squat jump

  • Sit Ups

  • Deadlifts (barbell or you can use a kettlebell)

  • Mt Climbers

Repeat 2 more times





Alternating Bootstrappers and Core movements (v-snaps, plank hold, ankle touches, leg raises)


If you haven't already tried a Tabata, you need to. Its amazing! Four minutes of alternating activing and rest. It's quick and crazy and is sure to leave you breathing hard (see below).


The best app to do it on is Tabata Songs with Coach...here's the link to download (Tabata Songs)


I use the metal track but there are lots of new ones too.


Enjoy xo


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