The Secret to Eternal Youth

November 29, 2016

No this is not a Click Bait! It's all true...


I may have discovered the secret to eternal youth.


And guess what? 


You can't buy it in jar, take it in a pill or drink it in a potion.



This morning when I was out on my walk, I was listening to an amazing podcast on one of my favourite shows, The Small Business Big Marketing Show . The host, Timbo Reid, who is my total marketing man crush was interviewing the founder of Bounce, Ant Morell. 

Most people, unless they've been hiding under a rock for the past four years, would know of or have been to Bounce. It's the trampoline wonderland where kids (and adults) let lose and bounce to their hearts content. But, as it turns out, it is so much more.


During the interview, Ant pointed out the magic formula that has made Bounce so very, very popular AND it was something that truly resonated with me and how I live my life. He talked about a friend of his, who is a mum with rambunctious twin boys and an active husband. The four of them visited a Bounce and, after some convincing, she joined her boys on the tramps. Low and behold, it unlocked something in her. So much so that the next day she parted the heavy fog of school mum monotony and joined her kids on the monkey bars! 


Unknowingly she had discovered that little thing we have naturally as kids. That little something that seems to whittle away as we get older. That little extra that can change our life.


Its JOY! Plain, simple unadulterated, joy.


You know, the living in the moment, caution to the wind kinda stuff.


Saying, "Hey that looks fun!" or "I'm going to try that." Instead of "That's just for kids." or "I'm too old for that."


Who the hell says you're too old. If you're having the time of your life, you're not going to care what anyone else thinks.


So today, I ask you to do something that takes your breath away, makes you laugh out loud, turn beetroot red or get a little bit dizzy. And try and tell me it didn't feel good.


Here's a link to the podcast...Check it Out


Thanks for reading xo

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