Back Under the Barbell Baby!

November 18, 2016

Hey, what do you do for exercise?

Lift weights.

Yeah, but what do you do for cardio?

Lift weights faster!

Hahahahaha! Oh us weightlifting people think we are so funny!
But if you like this old gem, than this is the work out for you.



The movements are designed to work your whole body and done at high intensity, so choose your weight wisely. I went light at 30kgs, so I could move through the movements quickly but maintain good form. OMG I was so happy to be lifting again. I love feeling strong!!!


The 300 Rep Barbell Workout:


40 Floor Presses

30 Back Squats

30 Hang Cleans

50 Situps*

30 Bent Over Rows

40 Push Presses

40 Burpees*

40 Stiff Legged Deadlifts


*Not done with the barbell


Beetroot face? Check

Shoulders burning? Damn right!

Hammies talking? Hell yes!


Then you’ve done well.




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