The Detox Diary

November 9, 2016

I’ve been training up to 4 times per week for more than a month now and I’m feeling fitter, stronger and way more capable but my weight has not budged one bit. Now, I’m not super hung up on the numbers, but it’s just so disheartening to be training hard and not seeing the scales change AT ALL. I know from experience that you can’t out train a bad diet, so if I want to see more change I need to address my food.


I’ve decided to start with a little 3-day detox.  It’s a natural detox, designed to get my liver to run more efficiently and kick start a healthy eating plan. For the record, your liver is responsible for getting the toxins out of your body. But if it’s busy overworking to detoxifying the junk and alcohol then it doesn’t have a chance to do what it’s meant to do…which is reducing body fat.


There’s no magic pills or potions; just lots of vegetables, fruits, and water.


Detox Rules:


Breakfast: Green smoothie (Spinach, small banana, a few strawberries, water & scoop of protein powder blended)

Lunch: Big bowl of veggies

Dinner: Mixed garden salad and more veggies

Snack: 1 piece of fruit

Unlimited herbal teas plus lots of water


NB: If I’m super hungry I can add a little protein to my meal and I can still have black coffee with no sugar (because let’s face it the world is a much better place when I have caffeine)


This detox will remove most of the chemicals and bad toxins from my body. I may experience fatigue, moodiness, and possibly headaches through the detox phase; and guess what…I’ve documented all its stomach growling glory right here!


If all goes to plan, by Thursday I should feel a new sense of energy, have a flatter stomach and hopefully see a change on the scales. I’m also going to take measurements of my chest, waist, hips, arms and legs…as these numbers are important too!


Wish me luck!


The Day Before:


I’m feeling super psyched and positive about kicking off this next phase of my weight loss. It helps that I’m coming off a weekend of not drinking enough water, eating on the run and generally not looking after myself. I’ve printed off my meal plan and I’m getting my head around the prospect of not having any wine, take away or sugary temptations. And I’m good with far. In the spirit of honesty, you probably should know that I’m a notoriously bad dieter! I’m usually a total sook about ‘missing out’ on things and you reeeally don’t want to be in close quarters with me when I’m denied such things. Wish my poor husband luck hey!


The good news is that I have done this detox before and I know that it works. So, I ask myself, “Do I want to kick start results?” ...or “Do I want to stay the same?” I’m sure I will be spruiking this mantra all week long!


Monday – Day 1:


 My day kicked off at about 5am. Bubs was fed, changed and put back to bed and I thought long and hard about going back to bed. But I’m a morning person now…remember! So, I dressed, checked my emails and made myself useful until the sun came up and I could go for a walk. The food intake today will be different and substantially less but I’m mentally prepping and telling myself that it’s only 3 days…it’s only 3 days. I busy myself by taking my measurements, weighing myself (gasp) and snapping a few photos for posterity. By the afternoon, I’ve had only the slightest tummy rumbles and as my water intake is off the charts, I feel like I’m peeing for Australia. Yay!

Went to bed early so I wouldn’t be tempted to late night snack haha!










Tuesday – Day 2:


Woke up feeling a little sluggish this morning but once I had some warm lemon water and went


for my walk I was feeling invigorated!


I’m having lots of thoughts jump into my head about missing chocolate, wine and generally eating whatever I want but I’m shoving them out with more positive ideals of how good I will feel in just two more days. I mean really, I’m a bit of a sook aren’t I! It’s only 3 bloody days!


I had the worst headache in the afternoon, which I suspect was from the drop in sugar. I had my fruit snack to try and ease it but it really stuck around and tested my resolve. In fact, by the time we rolled around to serving the evening meal, Spaghetti Tuesday, I was hating on everything. Insert wonderful husband here, who comments that I’m looking good. Well done Mr Houston!


Another early night and day two was ticked off.


Wednesday – Day 3:




Last day today! Am I shredded yet? Ha Ha! All jokes aside, I’m feeling happy that it is Day 3. Not that I mind eating tons of veggies and I’m a big fan of the green smoothie. However, I’m looking forward to finding more of a balance in my nutrition...and I mentioned earlier that I’m a bit of a bratty dieter.  But this was always going to be short detox to give me a clean slate. And I’m eager to see results and use that to motivate me closer towards my goal. Morning walk again today and just finished my yummy green smoothie. Fingers crossed for no more headaches today.


Evening check in. My water intake was a bit slack this morning, so I made up for it in the afternoon, mainly so I wouldn’t snack on the home-made cookies the kids were enjoying! And the good news is that I didn’t get any headaches today.


Time for bed. Mwah!



The Results


Good morning! Oh and what a good morning it is. It’s post detox day and I’ve had eggs for breakfast! It’s the simple things hey. But the really big question here is, was it all worth it? Well, here’s my results after 3 days…


I'm down 2.7kgs and a total of 11cms with most of that in my waist and hips. My clothes fit better, my wedding rings are rolling around on my finger and I feel so much lighter.


NB. The only exercise was a morning (pre-breakfast) 4-5km walk


Going forward, here’s what I’ll be maintaining after my detox…

  • My morning fat burning walk

  • Water intake of at least 2-3 litres per day

  • Tons more veggies during the day (not just at dinner)

  • Cutting down on alcohol intake

  • Alternating my scrambled egg breaky with a Green Smoothie


Thanks for reading x

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