The Wanna Be Early Riser

October 31, 2016

Confession time. When I first became a PT, I had grand ideas of training mums after they dropped their kids at school, of lapping up the sun in outdoor boot camps, then throwing in the occasional evening session and generally just enjoying gym hangs with some really motivated, awesome people.


Clearly I missed the memo on the early starts, late nights, no shows, generally horrible Melbourne winters and middle of the day lulls. But let me just back right up to the early mornings…it’s here where I should mention that I am a sleeper. A total snuggle loving, unadulterated sleep nerd. The very idea that I would rise at 5.30am AND be super excited about it was simply ludicrous. But, as I quickly discovered, the early riser truly catches the worm and in PT land that equates to clients and general all round success at life.


Now that my PT days are over, for now, my waking moments are still consumed with a yearning desire to be an early riser…and learning to love it.


It’s no surprise that when I look at the successful people I follow (aka all my fit girl crushes on Instagram)


getting up early is just what they do. And it makes so much sense to me. Especially if you’re someone who regularly feels that you don’t have enough time in your day. By getting up 1-2 hours earlier, you’re creating MORE time for yourself. You can squeeze in a workout, catch up on emails and prepare for the day ahead…all well before your loud little house wakes up demanding breakfast, ponytails and homework sign offs!


So, last week I put into place my early rising challenge. My plan was to get in a detoxing warm lemon water followed by a fat burning walk (FBW) and finish with tapping out a masterfully written blog post. Fortunately, I have a remarkable alarm system that cries incessantly until fed, otherwise known as my newborn.



Day one of the new ‘I love mornings’ me involved a 5am call time by my delightful alarm/newborn. Once changed, fed, burped and popped back to bed, I snuck back to my bedroom and changed into my already laid out clothes and started my day. And gosh didn’t I feel super smug about it. I sipped my lemon water as I scrolled through the latest Gram and Snap offerings. Then headed off on my FBW still reeling at just how great I was feeling. I smiled and cheerily said ‘Good Morning’ to all my fellow dawn rising folk. When I returned home, I was awash with motivated feelings for the day ahead. And true to form, it was a good day. My mind was clearer, I felt purposeful and I achieved more. Of course, I fell into a giant heap by about 9pm and much to my (night owl) hubby’s dismay, I signed off for an early night.


Cut to now, with a few early mornings under my belt, I can’t say that I love it yet but I do admire it. I like how clear my head is during the day and the benefits of my pre-breakfast walk have already started to show. However, success will be in the continuity. I’m determined to make this a habit but as I’m now in the business of balance, I’ll still take my Saturday morning sleep in.


Until next time x

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