Around 8 years ago I was tipping the scales at 115kg, I never worked out and I shifted between crash dieting or pigging out!  I was perpetually tired and unhappy. I just knew that the body I was in, was not the body I wanted.


Flash forward a few years and my health and fitness rap sheet includes everything from a 30kg body transformation, to becoming an All Star Cheerleader, running my own boutique gym, studying as a nutritionist, competing as a CrossFit Athlete, Strongwoman and now, an Olympic Weightlifter.


As a 43 year old fit mama of three based in Melbourne. I balance my strength training in between running my house, our family business and Pretty Fit, but I stay motivated because I am just so happy when I feel fit and strong.


There's no denying I’m passionate about living life to the fullest, keeping it real and being a loud, proud and motivating voice to help others to feel the same.

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